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Kushlan Cup 2017

The Championship's first round will begin June 17,2017. The tournament consists of eight players in divisions and three rounds of elimination match play. The scheduled dates are June 17th,18th and final round on the June 24, 2017.  The tournament is open to Yale Golf Club members who have paid the YGC tournament access fee of $125. If you have not done that, but wish to participate please contact the pro shop to pay the fee.

Tournament eligibility is for players 50 years of age and up. Players who are 70 years and older are eligible for the super senior championship.

Players wishing to qualify for the Championship flight will have to submit a signed and attested scorecard to the Pro Shop staff by 5:00 PM on May 27, 2017.

If you have attempted and did not qualified for the championship flight, please be sure to let us know that you would still like to play in a flight according to your handicap.

Players Registered to Play 

Player Registration Age Division
David Tremblay 50+
Chuck Sanislow 50+
Mike Dosdall 50+
Ed Detmer 50+
Tom Belden 50+
Bob Harris 50+
Jim Mathewson 50+
John Maiocco 50+
Jay Ardolino 50+
Jeff Lustman 50+
Ron Zlotoff 50+
Aurelio Saiz 50+
Doc Moggio 50+
Buzzy Cavaliere 50+
Bob Leftwich 50+
Bill Burke 50+
Kitty Matzkin 50+
Kitty Matzkin 50+
Ray Lamontagne 70+
Timo Aittola 70+
Jeff Blum 70+
Brad Barton 70+
Rusty Whalen 70+
Jim Millen 70+
Wesley H. Poling 70+
Robert Hetherington 70+